Company List

Please feel free to review a list of companies we currently represent, detailing their areas of expertise.

Beckwood Press Co. Logo

Beckwood Press Co.

Custom designed hydraulic presses from 2 to 2,000 tons. Active level control keeps the press ram in parallel with uneven loads.

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Chalmers & Kubeck Logo

Chalmers & Kubeck

Medium to large machining and fabrication, with on site service 7 days a week.

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DMC Mold & Tool Corp. Logo

DMC Mold & Tool Corp.

Designs and builds plastic injection molds for turn key solutions, and replacement parts for existing molds.

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Flowdrill, Inc. Logo

Flowdrill, Inc.

Thermal friction drilling for strong structural connections using thinner materials. Good for aluminum, copper, brass, steel, and stainless steel. American standard, metric, and pipe threads.

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Formtek-Maine Logo


Manufacturer of high performance coil handling equipment, including coil reels, servo feeders, straighteners, precision levelers, pallet decoilers, cut to length lines, press feed systems, and flexible fabrication systems.

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Kent Corporation Logo

Kent Corporation

Strip accumulators, coil end joiners, deburring machines, for tube mill, roll forming, and stamping industries.

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LSP Industries, Inc. Logo

LSP Industries, Inc.

Airless Spray and coil stock lubricating systems, lubricants, parts ejection.

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Lubrication Technologies, Inc. Logo

Lubrication Technologies, Inc.

Oil or grease Central Lubricating Systems for stationary or mobile equipment.

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Midwestern Industries, Inc. Logo

Midwestern Industries, Inc.

Screening and sizing equipment for parts separation of all types of materials.

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Phinney Tool and Die Co. Logo

Phinney Tool and Die Co.

Progressive stamping die design and manufacture.

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Pneumatic Innovations, LLC Logo

Pneumatic Innovations, LLC

Shuttle Pro parts shakers to reliably remove parts and scrap from underneath dies.

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Prab, Inc. Logo

Prab, Inc.

Chip processing, scrap conveyors, coolant and water purification.

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Purified Lubricants, Inc. Logo

Purified Lubricants, Inc.

On site lube, hydraulic, gear, turbine, transformer oil purification, and flushing service.

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Quantum Feeder Systems, Inc. Logo

Quantum Feeder Systems, Inc.

Vibratory bowl feeders, Automatic feed stations, orientor feeders.

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Riveer Logo


Vehicle wash systems, with containment and wastewater recycling for zero discharge.

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S.B. Whistler & Sons, Inc. Logo

S.B. Whistler & Sons, Inc.

Adjustable punching dies for increased production.

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Sure Flow Products, LLC Logo

Sure Flow Products, LLC

Flow indicators, switches, meters for air, liquids, gases.

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Sutherland Presses Logo

Sutherland Presses

Mechanical, hydraulic, and forging presses from 30–2,500 tons.

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Sweed Machinery, Inc. Logo

Sweed Machinery, Inc.

Scrap choppers, shears, material lifting, turning, and separation systems.

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